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Barns, Sheds, & Outbuildings

Barns, Sheds, & Outbuildings     
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Edited by Byron D. Halsted
Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc., 1994
ISBN 0911469125

This is a republication of the original book published in 1881. I like this book as a study of old-fashioned agricultural buildings. It shows the plans for various barns and agricultural buildings of the day including: General Farm Barm, Cattle Barn and Stables, Dairy Barn, Cattle Shelters, Sheep Barns and Sheds, Poultry Houses, Piggeries, Carriage Houses, Corn Cribs, Ice Houses, Granaries, Smoke Houses, and even Dog Kennels and Bird Houses.

It's kind of fun to read the text and marvel at the prices in era where for example a 60' x 24' stone barn was constructed for twelve hundred dollars. Some things haven't changed over the years, however, and the virtues of a good barn remain the same, namely: light, air, space, beauty, convenience and reasonable cost.