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Blessed are the Broodmares

Blessed are the Broodmares     
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M. Phyllis Lose, VMD
Howell Book House, 1991
ISBN 0876058489

This is a completely updated and revised version of the classic first edition published in 1978. There is a vast quantity of information in this book, but if I had one complaint it would be that trying to go back and find one piece of it later can be a bit difficult. The author makes up for this by the quantity and quality of information included and by her anecdotes, which can be by turns entertaining, scary, hilarious, heart-warming, or heart-breaking. This woman has had over thirty years of experience in equine pediatrics, which gives her a deep resevoir of personal history to share with us.

This author is intensely opinionated, and given that her opinions were formed around Thoroughbreds (she services the equine clientele in the neighborhood of the Philadelphia Park racetrack) they sometimes don't apply as wholeheartedly to different breeds. However, her colourful personality and genuine care, concern, and love for her patients, comes shining through and makes this book a most interesting and educational read.

A must-have book for the present or aspiring horse breeder.