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Barn / Facilities Design and Construction

     Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small
Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small
Nancy W. Ambrosiano and Mary F. Harcourt
Breakthrough Publications, 2006
ISBN 0914327917

I made extensive use of this book when designing my barn. Although the exact barn I wanted wasn't in the plans presented, there is a wide variety of illustrated plans for the construction of both sheds and barns which house from one to nine horses. More >>

     Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage
Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage
Cherry Hill
Storey Publishing, LLC; 2nd edition, 2005
ISBN 158017535x

Here's another book which I have made great use of when designing and building my facility. I just wish I had discovered it earlier! Although it certainly includes barn plans, that is not the primary focus of this book, but rather Hill focuses more on the design of your entire facility, including a detailed discussion of laying out your paddocks and buildings to make the best use of your land, taking into account all factors such as neighbors, footing, land formations and existing buildings, roads, and natural features. More >>

Cherry Hill, Richard Klimesh
Storey Publishing, LLC , 2000
ISBN 1580171753

A super book for those getting started with keeping horses at home. If you need help and advice on providing a safe, efficient and healthy living environment for your horse, check out this book. More >>

     Barns, Sheds, & Outbuildings
Barns, Sheds, & Outbuildings
Edited by Byron D. Halsted
Alan C. Hood & Co., Inc., 1994
ISBN 0911469125

This is a republication of the original book published in 1881. I like this book as a study of old-fashioned agricultural buildings. It shows the plans for various barns and agricultural buildings of the day including: General Farm Barm, Cattle Barn and Stables, Dairy Barn, Cattle Shelters, Sheep Barns and Sheds, Poultry Houses, Piggeries, Carriage Houses, Corn Cribs, Ice Houses, Granaries, Smoke Houses, and even Dog Kennels and Bird Houses. More >>

     Barns and Backbuildings
Barns and Backbuildings
Edited by Donald J. Berg
Donald J. Berg, 1998
ISBN 096630750x

I bought this book when suffering from a case of the winter blues and I thought poring over some new barn designs would cheer me up. While the book didn't really live up to my expectations in that regard, some sunny weather came along and helped me out. If however you are looking for a a catalogue of designs that are available for mail order, this is the book for you. More >>

     How to Build a Stable
How to Build a Stable
Donald R. Brann
Directions Simplified, Inc., 1975
ISBN 0877336792

I don't remember how this little book came to be in my library, but it is a very useful publication for a do-it-yourself type. When it says "How to Build a Stable" that's what it means; every detail of doing the job by yourself is covered. The stable in question is a 20' x 30' three box stall structure, containing a grooming aisle, tackroom and 600 sq. ft. hayloft. Every step of the construction from selecting a site, digging foundation trenches (the building has a concrete block foundation), to building a cupola is illustrated and explained. More >>