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Sports Psychology and Mental Fitness

     It's Not <i>Just</i> About the Ribbons
It's Not Just About the Ribbons
Jane Savoie
Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2003
ISBN 1570762554

I found Jane Savoie's book "It's Not Just About the Ribbons: It's About Enriching Riding and Life with Innovative Tools and Winning Strategies" a few years ago when looking for resources to help me deal with a problem that I felt was holding me back in my riding. That problem was "frustration". Having grown up in Pony Club, I hold fast to the premise that problems are never the horse's fault, always the rider's, so I don't get frustrated or angry with my horse. But I did get extremely frustrated with myself when I was unable to meet my self-imposed standards for the level of performance I wanted to achieve in my riding. More >>

     That Winning Feeling!
That Winning Feeling!
Jane Savoie
Trafalgar Square Publishing , 1992
ISBN 1570760497

Jane Savoie wrote "That Winning Feeling! Program Your Mind for Peak Performance" in 1992, as a way to share with others the sports psychology tools and techniques which she felt were instrumental in helping her in her goal to be named to the US Olympic dressage team for Barcelona. But, first a word about the title. That Winning Feeling! is not about winning at all costs, nor does it have to be about competing, if competing is not what you want to do. Winning refers being the best you can be, growing personally, meeting your personal goals, stretching yourself to excel while being able to bounce back from disappointment, while through it all enjoying your relationship with your horse. More >>

     Ride Right
Ride Right
Daniel Stewart
Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2004
ISBN 1570762813

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