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Raising and Training the Young Horse

     Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal
Imprint Training of the Newborn Foal
Robert M. Miller, DVM
Western Horseman, Inc., 2003
ISBN 1585746665

The subtitle of this book is A Swift, Effective Method for Permanently Shaping a Horse's Lifetime Behaviour. Dr. Miller developed the Imprint Training method, which is basically early training during specific critical learning times, given as soon as possible after the foal is born.

The theory behind this method is based on the premise that, at birth the foal will be both extremely receptive to learning about his environment, and will bond with whatever is moving and above him during the first postpartum hour. The trainer repeatedly exposes the foal to a number of stimula to get him used to things and not fight them. From then on in his life, the foal will be relaxed and accepting of that action. More >>

     The Formative Years
The Formative Years
Cherry Hill
Breakthrough Publications, Inc., 1988
ISBN 0914327194

This book presents a complete system for training your horse during his formative years, which will give him the proper foundation for whatever he will be used for in the years to come. Training lessons are presented in a progressive manner, and are specifically tailored to the requirements of the young horse.

The author does not believe in imprint training, preferring to let the foal imprint on its own species in the hours after birth. She is a proponent of early learning however, and recommends introducing the foal to the halter and to restraint at around two days of age (I think about 8-12 hours old is better). Her methods are gentle, quiet and firm while introducing the youngster to his first restraint with an arm across his chest and behind his buttocks. More >>

     Right from the Start
Right from the Start
Michael Schaffer
Trafalgar Square, 2001
ISBN 1570762082

More >>

     Foal to Five Years
Foal to Five Years
by Ann Hyland
Published by Ward Lock, Ltd., 1980
ISBN 0706371208

This is one of those books that everyone has heard of, which is why I bought it when I first bought my yearlings. More >>