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The Horse-Breeding Farm
Third Revised Edition

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Larryann C. Willis
Breakthrough Publications, 1985
ISBN 0914327003

Another classic, this one whose first edition came out in 1973. This book could be a text-book for a horse-management class (and may well be!) it is that comprehensive, detailed, well-organized, and tending to the dry side.

This book is geared towards the management of the larger horse-breeding farm, and as such, operates on a plane of existence most of us will never be on. Some of the requirements and recommendations included in this book are just not practical or possible for the small horse breeder (such as the construction of stallion paddocks 3 to 4 acres in size with 6 foot high fencing all around). However, every reader will certainly be able to take the information and adapt it to their particular circumstance, if they can stay engaged in the text, which can at times be overwhelming and academic-seeming.

One quibble: the book does accept the use of barbed-wire in large horse pastures, while including the warning that it is potentially dangerous and not acceptable for use with valuable animals. I would take issue with that position and state that barbed wire is never acceptable around any horses of any value, and should never, ever be used, period. That is the only error I am aware of in this classic tome.