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Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse
A Total Program

Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse     
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Cherry Hill
Howell Book House, 1998
ISBN 0876050801

While the last book I reviewed, Richard Hinrichs' Schooling Horses in Hand, will help you elevate your work-in-hand to the level of artistry, this book "Longeing and Long Lining the English and Western Horse: A Total Program" by Cherry Hill will teach you your groundwork A-B-C's.

If you are new to training and want a systematic approach this book is definitely what you are looking for. A total program is explained with nothing left to chance or assumption. The author clearly lays out what you are trying to achieve, the signs you are looking for to know you are on the right track, what to do when things aren't going according to plan, and how to know when to move on to the next step.

Human/equine body language, whip handling, reading the horse, verbal cues and inflections are all explicitly outlined. Methods of communication are all clearly spelled out, illustrated, and photographed. Varieties of tack and equipment used in longeing are similarly discussed in a comprehensive fashion.

This book provides the reader with both a theoretical and practical grounding in longeing and long lining - two important, and often misunderstood, training tools. Highly recommended, along with the companion volume 101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises.