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Mares, Foals and Foaling
A Handbook for the Small Breeder

Mares, Foals and Foaling     
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Friedrich Andrist
J.A. Allen & Co. Ltd., 1962
ISBN 0851310532

I've gotten a lot out of this handy little book, which I first heard about from another Fjord breeder. She told me about the useful wheel in the back of the book, used for calculating mares' due dates. The wheel also shows other important dates in addition to the most probable foaling date, including the limits within which a normal full-term birth may be expected, and the extreme early and late dates at which live foals have been born.

The book itself is small, only 56 pages, and covers pregnancy in the mare from conception, through growth of the fetus, care and feeding of the the in-foal mare, labour and birth, care of foals and newly-foaled mares, complications, and on through rearing and weaning of foals.

First published in 1962 in the United Kingdom the book does make use of quaint old-fashioned terminology but communicates a good deal of down-to-earth wisdom.

One thing I thought was really neat was a table which shows the weight, dimensions, and stage of development of the unborn foal at the end of each month. For example, at the end of month 5 the foal is 8 or 9" from poll to root of dock, weighs 4lb 4oz, and has traces of hair above the eyes and on the tip of the tail, and the external sexual organs have formed. I frequently made reference to this table while visualizing what our unborn little ones look like in there.

This book is definitely small and handy enough to accompany you out to the barn.