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The Stallion
A Breeding Guide for Owners and Handlers

The Stallion     
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James P. McCall, Ph.D
Howell Book House, 1995
ISBN 0876059876

This contemporary book is written by a real expert in the field. The author has stood and managed over 300 (!) stallions, as well as being an instructor of horse management classes at three major universities. Despite McCall's university background there is nothing dry or academic about this book. All the information is presented in a very lively and engaging style of writing and the book is full of anecdotes about the various stallions he has worked with in his over 30 year career. I particularly enjoyed his recounting the first time he did a collection of semen from a 20 hand 2 ton Belgian stallion. I won't spoil it for you, but it was hilarious.

Besides Stallion Handling, the book also discusses Breeding and Teasing Systems, Collecting and Extending Semen, a very detailed review of the Reproductive System of the Stallion complete with photos of dissections, Stallion Facilities and Nutrition, and Marketing the Stallion.

There is a lot of information in this book, and it is a very easy read. Recommended for anyone who has, or is contemplating getting a stallion, especially if you will be standing him to outside mares.